Saturday, November 3, 2007

Jared likes to wear his mouth jewely when he goes on a solo fishing trip in the wilderness. The shiny cubic zirconia attracts the trout like nobody's business. But more importantly, this grill brings out Jared's inner-rugged-mountain man. Look at the fine workmanship on that set. Play on playa!

Now that the littlest Lawson has all of his teeth, he's been able to get in on the action, too. The first grill is his casual bling. He likes to wear this accessory to playdates and the park. The second grill is an authentic Paul Wall--dental designer to the stars. He saves this piece for dope events like Elmo-themed birthday parties, bounce houses, and visits with Grandma. Look at how it shines! That's so fresh.

Amy wears her custom grill when she needs to feel her very best, like during a half-marathon. These golden teeth give Amy the extra dose of confidence to win her age group in any race. She also enjoys wearing her dental bling to Sunday services at her local Mormon church. This grizzle is perfect for singing hymns, and the children in the nursery love to watch Amy eat at snacktime. Just look at the way the faux-diamonds catch the sunlight, isn't this grill gorgeous?